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A program developing takes a big effort and time expended on it. If you like the program and you would like to support its further developing or if you just want to contribute financially as thanking for a good and useful program, you can do so by purchasing of Extra code via an internet service ShareIt!.

By purchasing and entering the Extra code to the program, you will activate an Extra function. For its activation it is enough to enter 1 Extra code.
The Extra function is only a thankful function which has no connection with program functionality as well as it has no influence on the program behaviour.

A price of Extra code is 5 EUR. If you want to contribute by bigger financial sum, you can increase a quantity. In such case, a final price will be calculated following: 1 Extra code price x Quantity

To purchase of Extra code via an internet by ShareIt! service.

Because of payment speed as well as lower costs for a payment processing, we recommend to use as a payment type a credit card or PayPal.

Please, continue by clicking on a following link / figure of service ShareIt!:

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ATTENTION: By purchasing of Extra code, you are not purchasing a program license!
To purchase extra code you can not claim a refund or apply any kind of claim!

Thank you for your support. We believe that Sm_InfoMoto program will be more and more perfect and useful also in a future.
Hereby, for program author, your financial contribution is a message to develop and improve the program further.

Thank you...

Copyright Sm_InfoMoto. All rights reserved.

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