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Program information:

The program Sm_InfoMoto is used to obtain of compendium about vehicle, its consumption, maintainance and about costs associated with the vehicle as well. The program is designed for those who want to have the perfect compendium about the vehicle or set of vehicles. It offers lots of calculations, statisticses and graphs for home users or companies.
   To obtain a summary of a vehicle, it is necessary to insert a few essential information related to filling of fuel. Next, it is necessary to list costs connected with the vehicle, oil changes, other changes and inspections that the vehicle needs.

   The main sight of the program is calculation of average and actual fuel consumption. The program, in calculations, takes kilometre readings that you enter and compares them with litres count that were used for that. After that the program calculates average fuel consumption and other data having connection with that by statistical functions. The actual fuel consumption is calculated by the same way but taken range of driven last kilometres is defined by user. If the vehicle is controlled in miles, the actual fuel consumption also will be couched in MPG (mi/1 gal.).
   If a vehicle also has an additional tank activated, all statistical calculations are then well-arranged for each tank.
   In case of some travel / trip or event has a gain edited, then there are gains included in statistical extracts and a profit is calculated too.
   After inserting some correct data, program begins to elaborate and to evaluate these data statistically. The statistical evaluation is more precisely by every new inserted data and offers following information:

   - Fluctuation of fuel consumption,
   - Average fuel consumption,
   - Range for 1 litre / Range for the full tank,
   - Average price per 1 km,
   - Average fuelling interval,
   - Actual fuel consumption,
   - Range for 1 litre / Range for the full tank,
   - Actual price per 1 km,
   - Actual fuelling interval,
   - Total real price per 1 km,
   - Together litres,
   - Together km,
   - Together "€/$/Sk/..." per fuel,
   - Other costs,
   - Costs together,
   - Price of the vehicle,
   - Total costs.

   The program statistically evaluates not only actual vehicle, but it also carries a summary statistics of all listed vehicles together. The summary statistics offers the following:

   - Together "€/$/Sk/..." per fuel,
   - Other costs,
   - Costs together,
   - Price of vehicles,
   - Total costs.
   Average fuel consumption is continuously expressed also graphically. The graph represents of change of average fuel consumption in accordance with time. The statistical graph for chosen vehicle displayes Costs / Month, Costs / Year, Costs / 1 km - Relative (i.e. costs between individual periods), Costs / 1 km - Absolute (i.e. costs from the first fuelling record), Km / Year, Fuel consumption, Fuel consumption / Year and others.
   The summary statistics offers you the statistical graph of all vehicles with many interesting graphs and summary extracts of vehicles displayed as tree type structure. There is the possibility to set up time interval for these summary extracts and graphical display, so extracts or graphs will be displayed in set interval.

   The program is assembled in the way to bring the most precise information with the smallest possible seriousness of service.
   All data are assorted according to date but there is possibility to display them according to selected criteria.
   All important commands included in the program are accessible in a well-arranged menu.

   Toward each vehicle is possible to list an oil change. It is necessary to enter date of the oil change, the kilometre reading on the oil change and the oil utility, i.e. number of kilometres and period that the oil is able to be used for.
   In a similar manner it is possible to list and to check all other changes and all inspections of vehicles.
   For more complex compendium about oil changes, other changes and vehicles inspections is possible to display a summary report on the maintenance where all actions which are or will be needed to realize are digestedly displayed to individual vehicles.

   A planned maintenance is a tool where it is able to write such oil changes, other changes and vehicle inspections which are not monitored in the archive yet but it is necessary to realize them in a future.

   A tool Travels / Trips serves for simple recording of official journeys, trips etc. It offers comprendium about trips duration, about their purpose or place of trips, about driven kilometers regarding to trips and about drivers taking the trips as well.
   In tool Events you can list any events, cases or situations that came into being in connection with a vehicle. To all events can be also associated a driver.

   There is a possibility to export any vehicle from the list of all vehicles into individual file, named by you. The vehicle can be imported back to the program at any time. Each exported vehicle can be encoded with any password.

   The archive can be locked by keyword entry and activation of the archive protection. After saving the archive, data will be encoded automatically. They will be accessible only after inserting correct password.
   Archive is also possibly to check for detection of possible mistakes. Upon these purposes serves Heuristic check of the archive.

   An each vehicle may have two tanks - main tank and additional tank.
   There is a possibility to write down any comments for each vehicle. And there is also a possibility to display short report on the vehicle where are mentioned summary data about fuelling, costs, oil changes, other changes, inspections and travels / trips for chosen vehicle.
   To obtain more view about the vehicle it is possible to use a tool "Tank condition", that offers realistic information about balance of fuel in the tank, range for the balance and information about next fuelling demand.
   The tool "Costs calculation for the trip" serves for calculation of costs for defined trips count for chosen vehicle, whereby it counts on passengers count and another costs relating to the trip.
   Through the use of the tool "Circuity" you can simply find out whether fuelling at out of your planned route is profitable for you or not.

   The program can be used in the Slovak, Czech and English language. The style of the program is also variable. It can be simple, modern or classic.
   The archive can be managed in any currency. The currency can be changed by recalculation according to rate of change. The same way is possible to insert all input data in any other currency.
   There is a possibility to insert data to program in kilometres or in miles. However, all visual displayes are made only in kilometres.
   All important tables or extracts is possible to save to individual file in text form or as HTML. The graphs is possible to save both as bitmap files and as meta files in enhanced form or to copy to the clipboard in correspondent format and chosen resolution.

   There is a locator of own files inbuilt in the program, which enables a better summary of the saved files. It includes the source files, the backup files and exported vehicles. The locator displayes the list of files of required type into a chart.
   Multi-renaming tool serves for renaming of chosen data names or notes according to needs.

   It is more than necessary to register the program, if you want to use it fully. Instructions are listed in register window directly. The unregistered program allows you to insert only limited data count. There are some functions denied in the unregistered program version as well.

Copyright © Sm_InfoMoto. All rights reserved.

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