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The program Sm_InfoMoto is a shareware version. That means a data entering to program is limited. The unregistered program allows you to insert only limited data count. There are some functions denied in the unregistered program version as well. It is more than necessary to register the program, if you want to use it fully.

You can download shareware version of program Sm_InfoMoto at this website and use the program fully after registration.

Shareware version of program Sm_InfoMoto, version 3.3


D o w n l o a d    o f    i n s t a l l a t i o n    f i l e    f r o m:

     Slovak page:    

     Czech page: /    

     English page: /    

In case of chosen page malfunction or the page does not contain actual data you can download the installation file right => HERE <=.

Sm_InfoMoto is "portable" application. That means you can use it on discs or media as well without the need of installation.
If you do not have the Sm_InfoMoto program installed yet, download the installation file first and install the program. It is good to have the program installed because of program files association with the program, integration of the program to programs menu etc. We recommend to have installed at least version 2.0.
If you have the program installed, it is enough to download portable program version and overwrite the old start-up file of the program by new one.

You can download the portable program version right => HERE <=.

There is an Alcoholmeter included to supplementary tools of program, that will calculate an alcohol level in a blood to you according to entered input data about a drink or a drink consumer. You can create an own drinks list that will be used later in calculation. Or you can download a sample file with primary drinks from this page and edit it according to your own needs. The file is needed to unpack to directory where start-up file of the program is placed.

You can download the sample file of Alcoholmeter right => HERE <=.

Archive files of the program Sm_InfoMoto:
- version 3.2: Installation or Portable
- version 3.1: Installation or Portable
- version 3.0: Installation or Portable
- version 2.5: Installation or Portable
- version 2.4: Installation or Portable
- version 2.3: Installation or Portable
- version 2.2: Installation or Portable
- version 2.1: Installation or Portable
- version 2.0: Installation or Portable
- version 1.4: Installation or Portable
- version 1.3: Installation or Portable
- version 1.2: Installation or Portable
- version 1.1: Installation or Portable
- version 1.0: Installation or Portable

All next upgrades and accessories, eventually new version of the program will be available always on this page.

Copyright Sm_InfoMoto. All rights reserved.

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